Packing for a flight? Here are my favorite must-haves to take in my carry on bag!

  1. Kindle & Kindle Case
    • I love books, but it can be pretty inconvenient to lug around a thick 500-page novel when you’re traveling! I also like to have fiction & non-fiction options, so a Kindle is a must. It’s super light and can store so many books! There are several different options & price points but I personally enjoy the Kindle Paperwhite.
  2. Toiletry Set
    • Though I love the convience of having everything in my carry-on luggage, it does get tricky to take liquids sometimes. I love this toiletry set! I fill these TSA-friendly tubes and jars with my regular face & body products. Also great for liquid makeup!
  3. iPad
    • I download plenty of shows & movies before I leave for a trip! Great for long flights or layovers!
  4. Lip Balm
    • Simple but necessary as my lips get so dry on planes.
  5. Nintendo Switch & Case
    • Not a necessity for everyone, but I love video games and this is a great way to pass the time on a long flight!
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Sunglasses
    • These sunglasses are stylish and affordable!
  8. Compression Socks
    • I use compression socks on super long-haul flights. They help with blood flow in your legs and helps prevent swelling.
  9. Eye Mask
  10. Ear Plugs
  11. Sleep Gummies
    • If I want to try to sleep on the plane then I need these three items! (I just put the gummies I need for the trip in a separate ziploc bag)
  12. Travel Backpack
    • This is a very versatile backpack! It’s perfect for traveling because it can fit under most airplane seats and has a lot of storage. This counts as my “personal item” on most major airlines. It’s good for work or school as well!
  13. Snacks
    • Need I say more? Don’t rely on airplane food and pack your favorite snacks & sweet treats!
  14. Airpods or Headphones
    • I love wireless headphones so you don’t have to deal with extra cords. Even if you don’t have airpods, definitely bring some sort of headphones!

Always check the airline’s rules & requirements when packing your carry on bag. I hope this list helps you pack for your flight! These are all definitely great if you are on a long international flight. What are some of your carry on essentials?

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2 Replies to “Carry On Essentials

  1. Nice list! Lip balm is an important one that I often forget. It is easily overlooked! Haha

    If you had to eliminate three of these items, what three do you think you would eliminate? And do you think it would change your on-flight experience much?

    Thanks for the answer and post!

    1. Hi! Love that question. Most likely the first to go would be compression socks, switch and hand sanitizer. Honestly, how long the flight is might change my answer! Thanks for reading!

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