Date Night Ideas

At Home Edition!

Do you and your spouse or significant other have a weekly date night? Do you have the desire to kick up the romance a notch but you’re stuck in a rut? No matter if you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, it’s so important to still date your spouse!

This post is inspired by “Eight Dates: Essential Conversations For A Lifetime of Love” by John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Doug Abrams, and Rachel Carlton Abrams. This book gives you an outline of eight dates that you and your spouse can connect deeper through. It provides real-life examples from couples, discussion questions, and additional date night ideas.

The date subjects are:

  1. Trust & Commitment
  2. Addressing Conflict
  3. Sex & Intimacy
  4. Work & Money
  5. Family
  6. Fun & Adventure
  7. Growth & Spirituality
  8. Dreams

My husband and I really enjoyed going through this book together! It can be easy to fall into a routine at home and not make time for a romantic outing that keeps us focused on each other and growing our relationship. We would read the chapter on our own ahead of time and talk through the questions on our date (sometimes out at dinner or in a more private location depending on the topic!) These are all subjects that we covered when dating and during pre-marital counseling, but it’s helpful to revisit and take a deep dive into these questions again now that we are several years into our marriage!

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 Here are 10 Date Night Ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Romantic Homemade Dinner or Online Cooking Class
    •  Go on Pinterest, YouTube, or a service like HelloFresh and make a fun fancy meal. Or sign up for an online video cooking class. Couples who cook together stay together! Bonus—set the table with a table cloth, candles, and your fanciest cutlery!
  2. Dance Lessons
    • YouTube has so many fun options for dance lessons. Salsa dancing is my favorite!
  3. Date Night Box
    • Make life easier by having your date night shipped to you! Order a date night box from Happily! (use this link for $10 off!) They have so many fun and creative options. You might end up preferring this to going out! My husband and I have done date boxes from Happily before and it’s always something fun to look forward to!
  4. Game Night!
    • My husband and I love board games & video games. Bust out a classic board game or try something new! Get some fun snacks and drinks to go along! Fun Fact: My husband worked on this football themed board game: NFL Game Day!
  5. Around the World
    • If you can’t travel to an exotic destination right now, why not create it at home? Pick a country and theme your date night around it! (i.e.: food, music, décor, maybe learn a few phrases in that language together!)
  6. Massages & Movie
    • Rent or stream a new movie you’ve both been wanting to watch. While you watch take turns giving each other a massage! This simple little massager from Amazon is surprisingly effective, gives your hands a break, and it’s under $10!
  7. Stimulate Your Brain
    • Listen to an educational podcast or TedTalk and discuss with your partner afterward. While you are listening work on a puzzle, paint, or color.
  8. Meaningful Conversations & Mixed Drinks
    • Do you struggle with coming up with deep meaningful conversation topics? I definitely recommend the Eight Dates book to help you with that. Also, I picked up “Our Moments: Couples” conversation cards and they’ve been great! Make a fancy cocktail/mocktail and get talkin’!
  9. Backyard/Living Room Camping
    • Set up a tent in your backyard! It can be fun to switch things up. Get creative and out of your normal routine! No camping gear or backyard? Go “Glamping!” Move your mattress into the main room and set up a canopy with sheets & some twinkle lights!
  10. Double Date—Video Edition
    • It’s important to continue to connect with other couples even if you can’t get together in-person. Schedule a video call and chat over dinner! Afterward play a game through an online platform like or boardgame arena!

Try one of these or create your own unique date at home! Have fun!

Check out Eight Dates by John Gottman here. Thanks for reading!

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    1. I love your ideas, they are so much fun! Whether its been 1 year or 10, these ideas bring some spark in every couple. Awesome!

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