Hello Fresh Review

Why I switched from Blue Apron!

I originally started using Blue Apron a few years ago. Someone had sent me a coupon for free meals so I thought I would try it out, it was my first time using a meal kit service. The idea intrigued me. I value home cooking, but with both my husband and I working, sometimes we just didn’t feel up to it. However, I didn’t want pre-made meals sent to me, I do still like putting it together myself. It’s nice that it comes pre-portioned too, because honestly it can be hard to cook for just two without having tons of leftovers (that go bad!). For us, prep-at-home meal services are a nice balance between buying/cooking our own meals and going out. I definitely could make something cheaper than Blue Apron or other meal kit services, but we would almost definitely spend more going out & eat too much!

Honestly, Blue Apron & Hello Fresh are fairly comparable all across the board. However, what finally tipped me over the edge was time. Blue Apron meals took too long to make. Part of the reason of getting these, for me at least, is to save time! They have gotten better at offering more 30 min meal options but I find that almost all Hello Fresh options are around 30 minutes or less and the food is just as good!

Beef Bulgogi Bowls! So delicious, easy to make and filling!

For a couple month I tried out Hello Fresh (While still holding on to my Blue Apron account), to see if we might like it better, and we did! I’ve cancelled Blue Apron and only use Hello Fresh now. On average, we get one Hello Fresh delivery a month (three meals for two people).

This picture makes it look small, but it’s dense! My husband and I were definitely full after this, didn’t need any other sides.

For more information and details on how this service works go to www.hellofresh.com

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