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Here are 16 ideas to help you plan your trip to Kauai, Hawaii!

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Waimea Canyon is at the top of my list because honestly, it could have its own checklist! There are a lot of amazing trails and viewpoints! Definitely a must-visit location.

Most of my favorite things on Kauai cost little to no money (like snorkeling, swimming, hiking!) However, two tours that I think are worth it if it’s in your budget is the Mountain Tubing Adventure and any snorkeling tour that takes you out to a spot you can’t get to from land. 

 If you need a break from the beach (or if it started to rain!) Go check out Kauai Coffee Company, grab delicious poke (pronounced “poh-KAY”) at Ishihara Market, or shave ice at Jojo’s!

I wanted to include whale watching on this checklist because it is an amazing thing to witness, but it isn’t going to be guaranteed year-round. You can usually see Humpback Whales November-May but especially during January-February! I’ve never booked a tour for whale watching but whenever I have gone to Kauai or Maui in January-March I’ve always seen them from shore!! (Or heard them underwater!)

There are so many amazing trails on Kauai! Hiking on Kauai helps you see why it is nicknamed the Garden Isle. There is also hiking for every level. There are great short hikes for families with young kids to long difficult hikes for extremely experienced backpackers looking for a challenge! For example, the Kalalau Hike is 11 miles and can be dangerous. I have not done the whole thing but I have hiked from the trailhead to Hanakapi’ai Beach (do not swim here) and turned in-land to hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls. Another favorite hike with amazing views is the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail. This one has easier paths as well as a rocky coastal path. You don’t have to go far along this trail to get some spectacular views!

For a more in-depth look into some of these places check out this Kauai Travel Guide. There are also more recommendations for my favorite places to eat in this Kauai Food Guide. I hope this checklist is a beneficial guide as you explore the amazing island of Kauai!

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