Top 10 Favorite Amazon Products

These are ten of my favorite items on Amazon right now! They are all things that I own and enjoy! The packing cubes are great for keeping your suitcase organized. At first, I didn’t like the idea of adding more to my suitcase, but oh my goodness I am such a believer in packing cubes now! They are so helpful. My two other travel must-haves are this toiletry bag and melatonin spray.

I bought a neck massager for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! It’s a great gift! Another thing that comes in handy is my tripod & selfie stick. I originally bought it for a photo booth for a bridal shower. You attach your phone to the top of the tripod, connect it to the Bluetooth remote and then guests can take photos of themselves. No need to have someone take pictures for you! This has come in handy a lot!

Two of my favorite self-care items are these bath salts and this jade roller. Great items to treat yo ‘self or to give as a gift! In addition, I’ve really enjoyed the quality of these Amazon Essentials T-Shirts! They are comfortable and an amazing price! They are also eligible for Prime Wardrobe.

This Anker Bluetooth Speaker is awesome! It is so small and portable (I’ve taken it around in my purse before!) and the sound is top-notch. It can get really loud! I’ve used it indoors and at multiple outdoor parties. It has a long Bluetooth range, so you can walk around with your phone and don’t have to worry about it disconnecting. My final favorite item is the Crest 3D Whitestrips! Kind of random but I think these do a great job of gently whitening my teeth. Even though I take good care of my teeth, I’m a big coffee drinker so I feel like they can get stained. When I’m taking pictures or going to an event I want my teeth to be white! I also used these before my wedding to whiten my teeth. I believe these are a great alternative to more expensive teeth whitening procedures!

What are your favorite Amazon products? Let me know!

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